add annotation to running linter


i use the included lint.js/coffeescript-lint.js-setup with CM@latest and Coffeescript@2.0.0.beta4 and coffeelint. The linter operates on document.change. I decorated the window.coffeescript-fn a bit, so that i stay within the operations-schedule of the linter and additionally can :

  1. make a annotation myself, in case of a CS-compile error.
  2. compile the resulting JS with Esprima in ‘tolerant’-mode and add any reported errors.
  3. maybe execute the validated JS and see if it throws smth. If so then add an annotation for this, too. (basic form of runtime-error-detection)

points-1 and -2 are doing fine. The execution in point-3 is asynchronus. So i can’t wait for it.

Is there a way to add a annotation to the linter, without writing my own mode/linter ?

I’ve seen some related questions in the former-mailing-list and here, but none helped me out.

thx & greets, Andreas

Lint annotation sources can be asynchronous by returning a promise.