Ask some questions about lint

i have 2 questions

  1. The tooltip and marker of lint have no effect on the atomicRanges element.
  2. How to fully customize tooltip rendering? Currently only custom rendering of message is provided, and I hope that the entire prompt content style can be fully customized.

One solution I thought of is to manually add a marker style in the toDOM of the widget, and then tooltipFilter: () => [] to manually close all tooltips. Then register the mouseover and mouseout events through addEventListener to implement the tooltip. But this has a problem, I can’t get the Diagnostic data of the current hover content, because there is no API to add Diagnostic data to the marker element. such as this <span class='cm-lintRang cm-lintRang-error' data-diagnostic='xxxxx' >xxx</span>

Indeed they do not. This seems reasonable.

You can’t. You can style them with a theme, of course, but you cannot replace the rendering logic entirely.

Well, but the prototype designed by the PM needs to be like this.
Then I’d better fork the source code and change it myself.