Browser find on code mirror editor with fixed height

I am using code mirror editor for one of my apps.A fixed height is given to the wrapper div of editor, now when we do the browser default search all the words are not searched, only that words which are in the viewport of window or in that fixed height vision are being searched. I know there is a search addon which code mirror provides but to follow few guidelines we are supposed to use only browser search. I learned fixing height also has an advantage of performance if we have code which has more than 8-10k lines and we do have files which has code more than 10k lines :slight_smile:

Wanted to ask is there a way where we can make browser search work on whole document at the same time maintaining the performance of the editor without using search addon?

Saw a similar post on this, it was posted way back in 2011, does this discussion holds good even now?? Here they are not fixing the height…

Thanks for your help.

Nope. Browsers will only search rendered content, and CodeMirror is fast on big documents because it does not render them entirely. You can set the viewportMargin option to Infinity to force the whole document to be rendered, but this’ll be expensive on big documents.