Building a debugger with cm6 and a suggestion

Hello and happy new year!

I want to build a debugger with Codemirror6 and have a few questions concerning that:

  1. How do I highlight a specific line in the editor?
  2. How do I disable the editor?
  3. I managed to implement the breakpoint-gutter from the example. But how do I get all lines / positions with a breakpoint-marker?

Furthermore I would really appreciate, if the topics in this forum could be marked as cm6 or cm5. I read through many posts just to realize that they do not apply to cm6.

Thanks very much in advance und thumbs up for your work!

You’ll need to use a line decoration (see also the decoration example.

Depending on what disabling means, in your case, you might want some combination of read-only and uneditable.

If you have a range set with the markers in it, you can iterate that.

That’s what the /next tag is for.

Thanks again!