Change position of tooltip

Hey, i’m lost. I want to dynamicaly change position of tooltip. Lets take a tooltip from example page. i got position of current cursor and i want to change position of displayed tooltip. Could anyone give me any hint how to achieve this ?
i have 2 users connected through ws, i keep track of their positions, and want to display tooltip with their name on their current position.

Make sure the value of your showTooltip facet is updated to reflect the new position. If you keep the same create function in the tooltip objects, the tooltip view that is already active will be updated, instead of a new tooltip being created.

With position added to useeffect dependency array that does the trick, is this good solution?

const cursorTooltipField = StateField.define<readonly Tooltip[]>({
  create: getCursorTooltips,

  update(tooltips, tr) {
    if (!tr.docChanged && !tr.selection) return tooltips
    const updated = getCursorTooltips(tr.state)

    updated.forEach((tooltip) => {
      tooltip.pos = position
    return updated

  provide: f => showTooltip.computeN([f], state => {
    return state.field(f)

Looks good!

Thank you very much,
and how to hide tooltip ?