Click Event on Hints

I want use mouse event on hints, but now when I use mousedown it is not working on hints dropdown when we are selecting any hint, but it is working when we are clicking on editor

Could you be a bit more specific in what you mean with using mouse events on hints?

When I select any one of the hints using mouse, I want to capture that event.

There’s no support for directly capturing DOM events. But the "pick" event on the completion object might help with this.

How to do that pick is there any example? can you pls help in this?

Run CodeMirror.on(completionObject, "pick", function() { ... }) on the object that your hint source returns.

can you please explain more specific, I tried using CodeMirror.on(“pick”, function() { … }) but it is not getting called.

I forgot a parameter. I’ve edited the example code in the reply above.

If you give online demonstration code in stackblitz or any other environment it would really helpful.

Thank you so much I figured it out