CM/CM6 threejs display rather than DOM (alternative renderer)

Hi, for the last few days I started adding post-it notes in a very basic WebXR, VR on the web, experimentation driven by hand-tracking and bluetooth keyboard. I started by

  • clearing the text value then appending event.key to it
  • detecting non character then skipping them
  • detecting Enter to save
  • detecting Backspace to remove the previous character if it exists

Now I’m considering shortcuts, syntax highlighting… I mean you see where I’m going. I’m ending up writing back a minimal text and code editor. In a way it’s amazing because I can tweak it endlessly to my very unique, not to say weird, needs. Obviously it doesn’t get all the benefits from the amazing work already put in CM.

So yes, basically is there another “renderer” than the DOM, e.g threejs (or even AFrame that I’m using here, also based on threejs) that could be usable in VR?

No, there isn’t and there won’t be. But if you find some way to display a DOM element in the VR window (people have been working on that, I don’t know if they got anywhere), that would provide a more reasonable approach to getting this to work.

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Thanks, there are indeed proposals (from the earliest WebVR days) for that but unfortunately security (sigh) seems to prevent it from the start. Maybe I should consider an experimental browser…

PS: found a related question Anyone Explored a Codemirror 6 Canvas/WebGL Renderer? - #3 by seflless with similar answers.