CM6 screenreader testing

I’ve been trying out CM6 with Mac’s VoiceOver to try to get a handle on how well it works with a screen reader. I’m a bit of a novice with this, I’m just trying to catch myself up with the accessibility situation of different code editing components.

I’d appreciate any information on the expected status of screen reader support and any testing done by others.

One issue I did hit, is that on Chrome, VoiceOver is badly affected by this bug when working with CodeMirror:

Every time you navigate past a newline in the code then the focus is lost from CodeMirror.

The good news is that it seems to be fixed in Chrome Canary, though it’s not made the stable channel yet.



Thanks for doing that testing. I must say that I’m also not an expert on this—I’ve just been playing with NVDA and asking some people for input. Good to hear a fix for that Chrome bug is being rolled out.