Code Mirror + WP Pods Template issue

Hello to everyone and I wish you a Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading about the problem I am faced with. I hope someone can give me an answer that solves this problem.

The creators of WP Plugin Pods claim that they are using Code Mirror in the template machine.

The problem I am facing that when I include HTML tags such as <p> (and others) when saving it will replaced by its entity &lt;p&gt;

Is there a way to avoid that and leave as entered by me?

Thanks for your support!

This is not something CodeMirror does, so the problem must be somewhere in the code that handles the string after it is taken from the editor.

Thanks for the fast answer.

Image 1

Image 2 ( adding <p> tags )

Image 3 (after saving)

Image 4 (view on a page = correct))

Image 5 (adding <div> tags)

Image 6 (view on a page = incorrect)

If it is not Code Mirror that does that do you have any idea where to look?

Thanks a lot for your support!


I was searching Google again for a solution for my problem and I found it:

I installed the Wp plugin “Use Google Libraries” and after the installation I enabled the visual editor in my WP profil settings and voila it worked. I have no idea why or how but the tip I found just worked!

Thanks for your support,