CodeMirror Archive?

I’m working on a XenForo forum addon using CodeMirror 5.30. I’m providing only a pared down version of CodeMirror 5.30 with a few addons, modes and themes. I would like to make it possible for users to expand CodeMirror using other addons and modes but I couldn’t find any archived version of CodeMirror 5.30 on github. Is there an archived manual I can point them to so they don’t have to download the entire version 5.30 package?

The manual is in the zip files (or also in the repository), and you can get old versions on the website or from the git tags. Old manuals aren’t being served directly on the web, though.

Okay. I’ll just link them to the latest version manual and point out that it may differ slightly from the version provided in the project.