CodeMirror with TinyMCE in winforms app

I followed a post to get tinymce working in a winforms app using a webbrowser control. It works pretty well.

I then found CodeMirror and got it to load from the toolbar button in tinymce. Seems good. I can open the codemirror window and see the html source code from tinymce.

But when it hit the OK button from the HTML source code popup, I get an error “Object doesn’t support this action” at line 8290 char 29 in codemirror/lib/codemirror.js.

Any ideas on what I should do?

Nope. We have no idea what version of CodeMirror you are using, so the line number is meaningless, and your description sounds like the script attached to the OK button (which is not part of CodeMirror) is the most likely cause of the problem.

I followed these instructions to use CodeMirror with TinyMCE.

I downloaded the latest yesterday following those instructions. I assume it is the latest. Since the window with the OK button was opened by using the Code button in tinymce and the error references codemirror.js, I thought this was created by CodeMirror. But from what you are saying, the window that opens with the code in it, and that contains an OK and Cancel button is not part of CodeMirror?

CodeMirror creates no windows or buttons, it is just the editor component. codemirror-for-tinymce4 is probably the module that you should be looking at.