completion functions

Is it possible to pass in extra parameters into the custom completion functions? I have a custom list that i would like to include with the autocomplete but this list varies.

function myCompletions(context: CompletionContext) {
  let word = context.matchBefore(/\w*/)
  if (word.from == && !context.explicit)
    return null
  return {
    from: word.from,
    options: [
      {label: "match", type: "keyword"},
      {label: "hello", type: "variable", info: "(World)"},
      {label: "magic", type: "text", apply: "⠁⭒*.✩.*⭒⠁", detail: "macro"}

is it possible to do the following?

EditorState.languageData.of(() => [
   { autocomplete: customCompletionSource(hintList) },

Assuming from this topic that you figured it out.

yes thank you!