creating custom tab-trigger snippets -- can't find in docs

Hi there, I’m trying to figure out how to write custom tab-triggered “Snippets”, like Sublime, Textmate, Atom, Vscode, Ace, etc supports. It seems like it’s possible in CodeMirror (I found this blog post: from codepen which referenced adding the feature because CodeMirror 4.5 supported it…), but I can’t for the life of me find documentation on how to do it. I have googled every combination of things I could find, and searched the user manual, and I’m just missing it.

Where can I find documetation on how to add custom tab triggered snippets? It’s possible, right?

Thanks so much for such an amazing project!

The primitives needed to do this (being able to capture keys, and programatically update the document and selection) are there, but there’s no pre-made feature that does it for you—you’ll have to write your own code that implements it (or find someone’s implementation, but I’m not aware of any).

Ok, got it. Thanks for taking the time to reply!