Deno Conversion Fork Needs a Lil Help

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You can go to the demo directory and type into terminal “deno bundle -c …/tsconfig.json demo.ts demo.bundle.js” and it will bundle 40k plus lines of javascript into one module. However, when it runs in the browser I get an error about Deno in the javascript console, I am new to Deno and CodeMirror if someone could give me some advice on how to go forward to get this functioning it would be appreciated. :sunglasses:

I don’t use Deno, so I can’t help you there, but I still feel that forking a browser-based codebase for Deno doesn’t sound like a useful thing to do.

Is it possible to compile all that javascript in one file like Deno does? I just want everything in it’s finished form without some 50 megabyte node_modules folder. One of the main benefits is not needing the countless “dist” folders. As a browser based text editor I feel that the node package manager, and roll up are unnecessary, it should be URL based modules in Deno in my opinion. If I can import Codemirror as a Deno module that would enable me to bundle all my Javascript together with only the deno bundle.

I’m not clear enough on what you’re trying to do to say much, but in general it is useful to make sure you know how the thing you’re trying to replace/remove (the npm packaging system and rollup) works, before you decide to replace it.