Disable combination of adjacent selections

I have a problem with combining a selection and next to selection.
I can not be suitable substitute when replace words on using adobe/brackets.

my matter:

  1. Input text "ab" into CodeMirror component.
  2. Select "a" (using Shift+Right) and select "b" (using Ctrl+Left Click Drag).
  3. Two selections will be combined to a selection. So It will be "c" when I type "c".

my expect:
1 and 2 are same of above.
3. Two selections will be not combined. It will be "cc" when I type "c". (like Sublime Text and Atom)

I think partially overlap selections should be combined,
but adjacent selections should be not combined.

Please tell me, how to modify combination behavior?
I should edit options? or develop a extension?
If it is a bug of CodeMirror, I hope to be fixed.

Sorry for my broken english.
Thank you.

This the way CodeMirror’s multiple selections are defined, and is not something that can easily be changed.

Thank you for your response, marijn.
For now, it sounds like there is no plan to change behavior.