drawSelection leaving a gap with larger line-height from custom theme

I’m using a different line-height in my custom theme with word-wrapping enabled. When combined with the drawSelection extension, I noticed there’s a gap between the selection. This only happens until I select three lines, in which the gap disappears and seems to properly detect the height of the text. If I remove the line-height from my custom theme, the selection works fine.

I’d like for the selection to be continuous vertically, unlike the screenshot below. I tried to dig into the code, and it seems maybe view.coordsAtPos doesn’t take into consideration line-height? Has anyone see this before by any chance and can point me in a direction to help correct?


Are you using 0.18.17? A patch for this very issue (Selection background ignores line-height · Issue #511 · codemirror/codemirror.next · GitHub) was recently merged.

Oh, nice! Let me upgrade and try again.

The latest update works. Thank you!