Export access to search panel DOM element

When using a custom search panel, I’d like to be able to access the dom of the search panel. This isn’t currently possible, as calling getPanel needs the search panel constructor createSearchPanel which isn’t exported.

Would it be possible to export a method to get the search panel dom (following the precedent set with searchPanelOpen), or a method to get the whole search panel or the search panel constructor?

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What for, and does view.dom.querySelector not do what you need in this case?

In this case, we’re rendering the search panel UI into the panel’s DOM element using a React portal, which needs to happen in the React context tree.

view.dom.querySelector would be an acceptable workaround - we were previously using that approach for a different panel but realised that calling getPanel seemed to be a more “correct” way to get the element than querying the DOM for it.