Hover Over Symbol idea

I have a suggestion for a new feature. It would be really useful when using CodeMirror on an unfamiliar platform or language to get tips to popup when you hover over a keyword. This could be simple tips like syntax formatting, or elaborate tips that describe the parameters of a call to a method when hovering over the method name. The definitions would be available on a per-language and per-include bases (so for example, if you include ADAM.inc from an Z80 assembler source, you would have an optional ADAM.inc.hover file with the API description for the ADAM’s EOS calls).

Let me know what you think.

You can implement this as an addon. Use coordsChar and getTokenAt to figure out what the mouse is over (or, if you are only interested in a specific type of token, simply inspect the target property of mouseover events to figure out if it has the right class). Then, if you have something to say about the token under the mouse, pop up a tooltip near the mouse cursor.