htmlembedded in CodeMirror 6?

I am trying to upgrade from v5 to v6 and one language that I do not see is htmlembedded. Is there an equivalent language package?

I tried just the lang-html package and it does not give me the template formatting that I am used to.

Technically I want freemarker in html, but htmlembedded has been an acceptable substitute.

No, there isn’t. There’s an example showing roughly how such a language would be implemented, but it’s definitely a bit more involved in version 6.

Thank you for your quick response!

I looked at the example a few times and I am at a loss on how to proceed. Maybe I can try again in a couple weeks with a fresh set of eyes.

I did find from Codemirror 1 (!) a freemarker parser
I also found someone wrote a parser for codemirror 5 that looks like it is what I would want, but alas, it is for version 5.