import from @codemirror or individual packages?

Hello! I see different examples in the documentation where you can import with either of the following:

This in majority of the documentation:

import {EditorView} from "@codemirror/view"

and this from the Rollup example:

import {EditorView, basicSetup} from "codemirror"

Which way would be the recommended or proper way to import?

Thank you!

Hmm… I may have answered my own question after looking at it again. Just wanted to confirm, EditorView can be available through @codemirror… However, EditorState will be required to be imported from @codemirror/state. Is this right?

Right. "codemirror" only has 3 exports. It re-exports EditorView so you can set up a trivial editor without touching any other packages, but for almost everything beyond that, you’ll need to use additional stuff that isn’t exported from "codemirror". So for EditorView you can pick two packages, and it doesn’t matter much which you use. For everything else, there’s a specific package to import from.

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