in iOS UIWebView: start editing scroll back to Top

I’m using the latest CodeMirror version, in iOS 8.2 (latest), with a UIWebView.
I’m using a default setup with:
<style type=\"text/css\"> .CodeMirror { height: auto; } </style>
The scroll bounces smoothly. But when I scroll down the textarea and touch inside to start editing, it scrolls back to the top of the textarea. But the cursor stays where I touch.

When I use a fixed height:
<style type=\"text/css\"> .CodeMirror { height: 500px; } </style>
It’s working, the textarea stays in place. But the scroll doesn’t bounce anymore.

How can I fix that ?


Does the problem also occur in Mobile Safari? I do not have a way to test UIWebView, as it is. (Though maybe you know of an easy way for a non-iOS developer to get convenient access to a UIWebView interface.)

No, it’s working in Mobile Safari.
I understand you won’t be able to take a look as you’re not an iOS developer…
Thanks anyway, because I haven’t tried it in Mobile Safari, but now I know it’s coming from the UIWebView.
So I’ll focus on that :wink:

I’ve finally found a way :

<style type=\"text/css\"> 
.CodeMirror { 
  height: 100%; 
  overflow: scroll; 
  -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;