markdown input exception

Hi, marijn

question one:
When there is a space in the code, press the Enter or Delete key, the behavior is abnormal.


reproduce the demo:

question two:
Import 6.1.0 error in codesanbox, I can do it in my local project

It would be helpful if you could describe what you are doing, what the expected behavior is, and how it differs from what happens.

It’s probably loading multiple versions, or an old versions, of @lezer/lr.

Behavior (first)
9 9 I was in front of the second 9 character and pressed the delete button.
expected behavior
The end result should be to remove the space in the middle, not to remove the space and the number 9

After the mouse focuses on the space, then I press enter
expected behavior
Newlines should be done instead of removing + and spaces

Final Results:



That was a bug (it was assuming there would be a list marker there, due to the text being below the list marker). Attached patch should help.

That is how insertNewlineContinueMarkup is supposed to work. If you activate it on an empty list item, it deletes the item.

You are the most efficient open source author I have ever seen, thank you very much for your efforts