markText vs spellchecking in Chrome: workarounds?

I’m trying to find a workaround for this issue, where having marked text prevents spellcheck replacement from the context menu in chrome (works ok in firefox).

Here’s a contenteditable + spellcheck CM instance with 3 misspelled lines.

If a word has a span in it, chrome spellchecks the whole word correctly, but (on context menu) only offers and replaces characters before or after the mark, depending on where you click.

I was hoping that clearing the mark in the cm contextmenu event would be enough to allow the spellcheck to work, but clearing it appears to cause the spell check to fail (on replacements offered), until right clicking a second time.

Here’s a version that also forcibly sets the selection to the second word during the context menu event, but the result is the same: Spellchecking isn’t considered for the word until triggering the context menu a second time:

Any suggestions to get this working, one way or another?