Misidentified url in markdown footnote

Could you be so kindly to take a look at the GitHub issue #6594? It is about mis-identify the first word after a footnote as cm-url.

I’m using Codemirror 5.62.2 with blackboard theme and markdown language mode.


I’m not actively maintaining the Markdown mode (it’s a monster, and was contributed, not originally written by me), so if none of the people who sometimes work on it responded to your issue, you’re probably out of luck.

You could try CodeMirror 6’s Markdown mode, if you can afford to migrate to a not-entirely-stable version of the library. That should be a whole lot more solid (passes the CommonMark spec’s test suite).

Sorry for the enormous delay.
I’m finally in the process of migrating to 6 (@codemirror/view@0.19.42). Fighting, but proceeding. Seems the problem is there only if there is only one word after the [^1]: