npm install failing for CM git dependency

We list CM as a dependency in our accessibility project, and we’d like to point at the current HEAD to take advantage of the recent improvements using role="presentation". However, doing so breaks the install process.

My understanding is that npm install should recursively download and install dependencies. The build fails with “cannot locate or resolve module ‘codemirror’”. Looking deeper, it turns out that lib/codemirror.js doesn’t exist in the CM folder! Manually executing npm install inside the folder also fails, since there’s no rollup.config.js file. Manually inserting this file, then running npm install successfully creates the codemirror.js file, which then also allows the top-level install to work.

The question is: why isn’t the rollup file included when node tries to download and install CM as a dependency from Git? Are there other issues involved that make it a non-starter to pull from Git? If this use-case is unsupported that’s fine, but if it’s supposed to work…consider this a bug report. :slight_smile:

Someone overzealously added the file to .npmignore. I agree that it makes sense to include it. See this patch.

As always, thanks for the lightning-fast fix!