Odd quote character substitution

I’ve discovered that our Chromebook enters character 168 for “double quote” and 180 for ‘single quote’. I want to substitute in the correct characters…is there a correct way to do this? Or an option to turn on that will take care of it, or something like that?

Does it happen everywhere or just in CodeMirror? You could try binding those keys to a command that simply inserts the desired character in the editor.

OK, thanks, I’ll do that. It just makes me wonder how many other little things like this there are out there…maybe there is a registry of these kinds of things somewhere?

Hm…I can’t figure out how to specify and “extraKeys” entry with a numerically coded character?

You can’t, you have to single-quote the character itself, i.e. "'‘'" (double quotes to quote the property name as a string, single quotes to indicate this is a raw character not a key name, and then in the middle the unicode quote that you want to capture). Though I’m not sure that the browser is really generating keypress events with that quote – this may not work either.

Thanks very much.