Per-line directionality within a single document view in CM6?

I apologize if I this question has been answered before.

Does CM6 support “per-line” directions where every line automatically realigns and flows according to the first strong Unicode codepoint in it?

That is, if the direction of the first codepoint in a line is left-to-right, the entire line is aligned to the left and text flows to the right (baring any UDF characters/embeded right-to-left regions). If it’s right-to-left, the line is aligned to the right and text flows leftwards.

I’ve prepared a jsfiddle that shows the behavior I’m after:

No, this isn’t supported yet. It might be in the future but I’m not sure when I’ll have time to work on it.

No worries! It’s not a blocker but something that would be nice to have. Thank you for taking time to reply. I appreciate it!