Property declararations indent

In lang/javascript there is increase of indents for the first declared property, and then it stays the same you can try it at Try CodeMirror and just type:

  prop1: 'hello',
    prop2: 'hello second',
    prop3: 'hello third',    

And you would see indentation of prop2 is increased comparing with prop1, is it intentional?
And how to change that so no other indentations would break?

Thank you so much!

Those aren’t properties, they are labeled statements. Put your object in expression context (wrap it in parentheses or put let x = in front) and this should improve.

Thanks for correcting!
Can you help me understand where is increase of indent coming from for second Labeled Statement?

It’s actually a single statement (comma doesn’t start a new statement), so that’s just added indentation for a statement continued on the next line.