Release 5.6

CodeMirror version 5.6 came out today. If you are using the readOnly option, you might want to upgrade, since 5.5 allowed pasting in read-only editors.

  • Fix bug where you could paste into a readOnly editor
  • Show a cursor at the drop location when dragging over the editor
  • The Rust mode was rewritten to handle modern Rust
  • The editor and theme CSS was cleaned up. Some selectors are now less specific than before
  • New theme: abcdef
  • Lines longer than maxHighlightLength are now less likely to mess up indentation
  • New addons: autorefresh for refreshing an editor the first time it becomes visible, and html-lint for using HTMLHint
  • The search addon now recognizes \r and \n in pattern and replacement input

You can take a look at the full list of patches, or download the zip file.

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