Running custom DOM handlers *after* the built-in ones?

Hello! From my cursory reading of view/src/input.ts, it looks like custom DOM handlers (those provided via a EditorView.domEventHandlers extension) always run before the built-in handlers. Is that correct?

The reason I’m asking, FWIW, is that I’d like to add an additional handler to copy/cut to attach additional types to the clipboardData object, but the built-in handler calls clearData. So if my additional handler can run after the built-in one, everything is easy, but if not, I’ll have to re-implement the built-in behavior and return true.



Don’t most browsers block those?

Cool, thanks for the confirmation.

I hadn’t heard about issues with browsers blocking multiple clipboard data types. So far things seem to work (Chrome & Safari on Mac?) but I’ll keep an eye on that. Thanks for the tip.