Selection visually incorrect?

If I select text beyond a newline character the rest of the line is visually selected (see grey area in screenshot 1). If I textmark what I have selected it’s just the words with the newline (see red textmark in screenshot 2). So what you have selected is not the same as what you see been selected. Is it not more logical to visually select till the newline character instead till the end of the line (see Screenshot 3)?

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

This is how pretty much all editors show selection, and doing it in a different way seems like it would needlessly surprise people.

Just 4 (code)editors I picked Notepad++, Word, Sublime and VS2012 shows it like this so I guess I am not that weird :slight_smile: :

In all fairness I also examined Brackets (but I think they are working with your CodeMirror), MonoDevelop and SQLDeveloper.

So I guess it’s a tie :slight_smile: Nonetheless I still think my proposal is better because now it gives the user the impression that there’s data/text (=spaces/tabs) located behind “plant”. I hope you will (re)consider my proposal.

I tested emacs(X11), atom, kate and eclipse, the whole line is selected.
Of the 4 editors you tested, 3 are from the same (software) editor so
obviously they’ll have similar behaviour.

Ah sorry I didn’t see it was notepad++

Like I said I think it’s about 50%-50% judging by this small sample of editors.
Maybe we could make this an option if it’s not that difficult to implement? Sounds like a good compromise :smile: