Simple Drag and Drop text on Mouse position

I implement a simple Script Editor with drag and drop (copy) from an list of keywords.
Its working very fine. Codemirror is super!!
Now my issue:
If i drop my text in editor, i could before setCursor with mouse click (manually)
But, i want drop my keyword text on current mouse position
What is the simplest solution?

Thank you for the errort

The editor’s built-in drop handling should already insert the dropped content at the drop position. If you’re writing your own logic, look into coordsChar.

Wow super quickly.
Basically i use react-codemirror2
onDrop={(data, e)=>dropCodeLine(data, e)}

And i think i use it totally wrong.

     let dropCodeLine=(editor:Editor, e:React.DragEvent<HTMLElement>)=>{
            let newcodeline =  e.dataTransfer.getData('codezeile')
            let doc= editor.getDoc()
            let cursor = doc.getCursor()
            let pos={line:cursor.line, ch:1}
            doc.replaceRange(newcodeline, pos)

Sorry its my first steps with codemirror

i think i got it

let dropCodeLine=(editor:Editor, e:React.DragEvent<HTMLElement>)=>{
        let newline =  e.dataTransfer.getData('codeline')
        let doc= editor.getDoc()
        let x = e.pageX
        let y = e.pageY
        let newpos = editor.getCursor()
        doc.replaceRange(newline, newpos)

suggestions for improvement ?