Specific guidelines for distributing new modes?



Note that we are not accepting any new addons or modes into the main distribution.

That makes sense as marijn cannot afford to maintain hundreds and hundreds of modes.

Consequently, it states:

If you’ve written such a module, please distribute it as a separate NPM package.

I guess that makes sense too. But… are there specific guidelines or, even better, a howto about that? I think I have read the package should be named codemirror-mode-xxx (i.e. codemirror-mode-pcre in my case) but that’s about it.

No, we haven’t written up any further docs about that, but you should be able to use, for example, codemirror-mode-elixir as an example.

Thank you for your reply, I will have a look at this example.

I have published codemirror-mode-pcre on both Github and npm.
It is still young and lacks many things (e.g. automated tests and support for Javascript module loaders) but hopefully, it should prove helpful, either as is or nested within another mode.
It also provides a positive answer to this old issue.