syntax(view.state) can not parse `await \n p( )`

I write a javascript editor , and use syntax(view.state) to parse code await p( ) and replace with a decoration widget , but when I write code await \n p( ) to the editor , syntax(view.state) will get a wrong tree, “await \n” will be parsed to an ExpressionStatement , and “await” is a VariableName.

If I put await \n p( ) in an editor in JavaScript mode, the syntax tree I get does parse it as an AwaitExpression.

I use the code from CodeMirror Decoration Example ,
copy the code from :

syntaxTree() is import from :

const {syntaxTree} = CM["@codemirror/language"];

for (let {from, to} of view.visibleRanges) {
                from, to,
                enter: (node) => {

How can I do to get the right node name AwaitExpression for await \n p( ) ?