To store the list I get in autocompletion

Hey, I am not getting anything where I can store the list that I get for autocompletion when I am typing something. Is there any way to do it?

Depending on what you mean by storing the list, currentCompletions might help.

Hey, I am using autocompletion like this:

      override: [myCompletions] 

But I don’t know how to call this function since it gives me an error when I try with the below code:

    {override: [myCompletions] },

Can you please give an example on how do you call this function?

I don’t really know what you’re trying to do here. myCompletions will be called to provide completions. So the list you get from currentCompletions is going to be produced by myCompletions.

I’m asking as in where to call the currentCompletions so I can store it in the array/list

Should I call currentCompletions under the function of myCompletions?

You’re going to have to explain what you’re trying to do. The myCompletions function is going to provide the completions for the editor, so obviously it shouldn’t be asking for its own result.

For autocompletion, we get the filtered list right below our cursor when we are typing, I need a copy of this filtered list which is displayed right beside our editor which has the same functionalities as this filtered list like when you click on one of the item in this copied list you get the selected text displayed on the editor.
In brief there should be two filtered list on my web page

Yeah, then currentCompletions is what you need, but you’ll have to call it from some code that’s responding to state changes in the editor, not your completion source.

You mean in the function where we have the transactions?
But is there any way that I can make a copy of the filtered list on display to the right side of the editor giving this copy list same functionality as the original one?