Touch on iOS / iPhone not working in CodeMirror 6

In CM6, Touch to select text does not seem to work on iOS devices. Neither tap to set insertion point, nor range-drag selection works. This same CM6 code implementation does work with a mouse on desktop browsers. My CM6 configuration is minimal.

MORE: Touch events appear to be reaching the CM6 component because tapping the line number will expand or collapse a braced section, just no text selection point possible on an iPhone/iPad.

Any insights or direction would be appreciated.

Related Github Issue

Please don’t post the same thing on the forum and the bug tracker. One is enough.

CSS user-select: all; does not seem to work consistently on desktop and mobile. Setting user-select: auto; near point-of-use resolved this anomaly on iOS. Please refer to Github Issue.

@marijn; Apologies. Will singularly post to either GitHub or Discussion Group in the future. Please feel free to delete this Discussion thread if not of value to the community.