Unexpected behavior when using "next" in search panel

When using the “next” button in the search panel, it appears to scroll to the bottom, then when you click “next” again, it scrolls back up to the next instance of the search term. The behavior seems to repeat, going to the bottom, and then back up again. Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks!

I’m assuming this is about CodeMirror 6? (5 doesn’t have a next button in the search panel). I can’t reproduce this—could you be a bit more specific what kind of search in what kind of document you’re running.

Yeah sorry, should have been more specific. It’s Codemirror 6 with an HTML document. I created a sandbox that you can reproduce the issue from. For example try searching header or generated, or pretty much anything.

It seems to help to use the current versions of the libraries (remove /next from your imports and install those packages)

I’ve updated to the latest versions (0.18.1) and updated the sandbox and the issue is still occurring. For some reason when you load the sandbox the page is empty but if you click the refresh button on the embedded browser it loads and you can replicate the issue.

Ah, now I see it too – any kind of scrolling the selection into view breaks when there is a bottom panel and the bottom of the editor is outside of the window. @codemirror/panel 0.18.2 should fix that.

Looks like that fixed it, thank you!