VoiceOver reads out code without pause in between lines

For example below is the code in editor

test1: value1
test2: value2
test3: value3
test4: value4

Voice over announces it as “test1 value1test2 value2test3 value3test4 value4”

Issue reproducible in playground: Try CodeMirror

Is there any way to fix this so that there is a pause when going to new line?

As far as I know, most screen readers pause at the end of block elements (like the <div> elements used for the lines). I’m not aware of a way to influence this, short of adding hidden period characters or something, which sounds like it would cause more problems than it solves in an editable context like this.

This is what I expected, but not sure why VoiceOver is not pausing after switching to a new line div.

Agreed, this way would add new problems.

Anyways, thanks for looking into it.