What are the pitfalls of using inputStyle 'contenteditable' in 2020?

I’d like to use CodeMirror to create a rich text editing area. However, I require that the browser spellcheck also works in this area. The only way to do this, as far as I see, is to use ‘contenteditable’.

The few topics I found on the subject are from several years ago. Has anything changed?
Is ‘textarea’ the default inputStyle solely to provide support for older browsers?

I would be targeting only versions of Chrome and Firefox released in the last year.
Are there any restrictions or bugs using ‘contenteditable’ that I should be aware of before I switch to it?

The CodeMirror integration with contentEditable is more buggy and less well tested. You might run into issues. On mobile, it’s a lot better than nothing, but on desktop, to not create unnecessary regressions, we’re keeping textarea the default.