Why are images in markdown rendered as 'tag'?

On a grand quest to get into CodeMirror I am building myself a markdown editor. Currently stumbling over styling images.

So you define an image with ![alt Text](http://link.to/image.jpg)

The GFM mode renders this to:

![alt test]

While a link with similar Syntax [link text](http://link.url) becomes


I am wondering why the extra information about the “[]” gets lost for images?
For my editor I would like to style this similar to links because I feel they visually belong together. But issue 824 makes it sound like this is very intentionally not possible.

Would appreciate to understand the reasoning behind this.

And here is how I style my links in markdown:

Adding extra token styles to image alt text is something no one has gotten around to implementing. Want to submit a pull request that does this?

Ahhh okay, sounds reasonable enough.

Guess I will see that I get some time to implement this then. Need to dive deeper into how CodeMirror works but next week promises to be slow.

In the meantime: let me open an issue about this ^^