Addons in v6 for React 18

for the love of god I am unable to use any addons in React 18 with v6. I have been trying to get CodeMirror: Tag Matcher Demo working but without any luck. I know this addon is for v5 but is there anyway to use it with v6?

Or is there any other way with I could achieve following -
User is served HTML code in CodeMirror form. The user can then highligh specific element (or part of the code) this selected code is then wrapped in class which I can select using jQuery and get xpath or selector from.

Or am I aproaching this wrong and there is already something similiar eg. getting CSS selector of element based on position in HTML strucutre?


No, there is not.

The extension you describe doesn’t exist in the 6.0 libraries yet, but can certainly be implemented with custom code.