Alternative javascript linters in CM6

I was playing all day with CM6, and tried to check for javascript errors in this sandbox:
Is there another linter for javascript code which we can pass besides eslint? Our project needs to check only for basic ES5 syntax errors and eslint4b seems a huge import for what we actually need

You could write glue code to wire up JSLint, similar to the javascript-lint addon for CM5. That’s not really maintained anymore, and a bit pedantic and unflexible, but it’s the only lightweight JS linter I’m aware of.

I have been looking for the same thing and this also seems promising for detecting basic errors: GitHub - jquery/esprima: ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis

un-minified rough size comparison:
esprima – 284KB
jslint – 333KB
jshint – 1.6MB
eslint4b-prebuilt – ??2 MB

I haven’t attempted to hook it up to CodeMirror6 yet though

Esprima is just a parser, not a linter, though.

ahh true but it does catch some basic syntax errors and return line information, so in my case is useful to use with the linter plugin