Announcing: Work has started on CodeMirror 6


For the past five months, Adrian and me have been hard at work on a complete rewrite of the library. It’s going to be more accessible, touchscreen-friendly, and modular. We’re announcing the current state of this work (the prototype works great, but there’s a lot to be done) at, and have started a crowd funding to support the rest of the necessary efforts. You can look at the new code (some of which is definitely still rough) on Github.

Let us know what you think!

is the `textarea` inputStyle going to be deprecated in the future?
is the `textarea` inputStyle going to be deprecated in the future?

Thank you so much for your efforts waiting for version 6 to update in our site.



Cursor keys do not work on the demo.

It is a bit overwhelming to think about the years of development and integrating of CodeMirror must now all be undone for this new version. You are not even going to try to tackle the horrible scroll in mobiles (by closed issue responses).

Will you continue monthly releases of CodeMirror 5 or is that done now? For those not wishing to migrate until clear direction can be seen, will you provide maintenance releases of 5 to fix browser releases?


You’re going to have to be more specific about that (browser? platform? which keys?) because they work for me.

Nothing is going to be undone—the old editor will continue to exist, and porting to a new API that supports roughly the same features is usually not terribly hard.

I have no idea what you are talking about there.

Obviously, since usable releases for the new version are a long way off, there’ll be continued new releases for the 5.x branch.


The cursor keys (arrow keys) do not work with hackers keyboard, most used coding keyboard in Android.

The horrible scroll on mobiles was concerning the issues on github which you closed right after announcement of CM 6. If you scroll on mobile the redraw is horrible. Predictive scroll is no good for mobile either. You need a scroll model built into CM that simulates momentum scrolling. Thus being able to control the drawing events. This would make CM 6 mobile ready.


Reimplementing touch scrolling is a terrible idea for other reasons (it never feels native, and tends to perform a lot worse). It might be an idea to implement a plugin that tries to do this, but for the core we believe the right thing is to stop fighting the browser and accept some flicker on quick scrolling.