Any way to disable 'Tag Completion' in CodeMirror in Joomla! 5 ?

(not sure if this is the proper place, but got no solution on Joomla! forum)

The CodeMirror plugin in Joomla! 3 had an option to turn OFF ‘Tag Completion’. Overall, and together with ‘Bracked Completion’ turned OFF also, it was a pleasure to work with CodeMirror there (well, according to my preferences).

Now in Joomla! 5 the ‘Tag Completion’ option is no longer available in UI and so CodeMirror became simply unusable for me – while typing quickly I end up permanently with something like <p>blah</p>p or <strong>blah</strong>strong etc. and if I’m not careful, or if I miss some tag deletion when looking back at monitor and observing that automatic completed tags, the code becomes a mess and then a pain to debug.

Is there some plugin, that can be added to the CodeMirror plugin itself in Joomla! 5, to disable that ‘Tag Completion’ ?

Well, inspired from CodeMirror 5.x and tracing back the now-missing ‘autoCloseTags’ name, I found that by simply deleting the ‘codemirror-lang-html.min.js’ file, the tag completion is now finally gone. The automatic tags nesting is now also gone, but this is a minor annoyance (and even desirable in some circumstances).

When I have some time for further digging, I will try to figure what needs to be modified in that js code in order to get rid of the tag completion only (that is, digging in the non-minified code).

If you can modify the code that creates the editor configuration, adding autoCloseTags: false to the options passed to html() should do what you’re looking for.