Append to the autocompletion tooltip

I want to append an info entry to the autocompletion tooltip, that should be below the completion suggestions (that scroll if they overflow) and always shown. I could almost achieve what I want by creating a ViewPlugin that listens when the autocompletion starts and then append the correct div to the completion tooltip. However when the completion suggestions are then updated (i.e. by pressing a key narrowing the completion down) my custom div is on top of the completion suggestions (see attached screenshots)

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 08.58.38

Is there a better way to implement the behaviour I need? Did I miss some functionality the autocomplete extension provides?

I already considered forking codemirror/autocomplete and adding an option to render an info div but that seems like my last resort

This is just not something the autocompletion package supports. I don’t know of any kludge that can make it behave like that.