aria-label from our textarea not propagating to CM textarea

We set the aria-label for the textarea that is specified for CodeMirror. But the CodeMirror-generated textarea does not get that aria-label so our screen reader audit gives an error for it. Is there something I can configure in CM to give the inner textarea an aria-label?

Use the screenReaderLabel option.

I don’t see that option listed in the reference manual. Which class/interfaces options is it part of?


I linked the reference manual in my post.

Or, if you’re talking about CodeMirror 6, that has no CodeMirror-from-textarea function, so I’m not sure how to interpret your original question for that version.

We’re using 5.60.0. When I set screenReaderLabel option to some string, I’m still not getting a label or aria-label associated with the textarea. I get the following:


No idea what’s going on there, but the option works for me.