Autocomplete and SnippetCompletion, they don't work together

I’m using the transactionExtender to reconfigure a Compartment containing an autocomplete so that it gets you dynamic help from previously written objects. I have an error when inserting some snippetCompletion as well, which makes neither of them work. Is there a step I’m missing or made wrong?
The code sample
To try if autocomplete works just type:

let a =  app.child;

Then just type


And the autocomplete works only if you comment initSinpets.

I hope someone can guide me.
Thanks in advance to everyone on this forum <3

I stopped debugging the code when I saw things like tr._doc.text.slice(-1)[0]. Don’t develop against this library by inspecting stuff in the dev tools and picking out whatever happens to look like it might be what you need. Read the docs, and the types, and only use exported items, or you will have a very bad time with this.

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