Autocompletion without default selection

At the moment when the autocompletion plugin shows the completion entries it selects the first one by default, which essentially overrides the default behavior of the key used to apply the selection (Enter by default).

For our use case we would like the list to open without an entry selected, like for example Google and other (primarily search related) apps do it. The user can then select the entries by pressing e.g. arrow down.

Is there way to do this? I’ve looked at the source code of the extension but nothing obvious stood out to me. If it’s not possible right now, could it be added as a configuration option? If not then I guess the only alternative would be to write our own extension or fork and modify the existing one.

Thank you!

That seems like a reasonable thing to do. Does this patch cover what you are looking for?

Yes, this works nicely, thank you so much for addressing this so quickly!