Automatic indentation does not insert .cm-tab

I have a CodeMirror editor in Markdown mode, and I am using markdown-it to read from the editor and parse it to an output field.

When I press tab to indent something, and then press enter, it automatically indents the new line.

The first line gets .cm-tab, however all consecutive lines, although they APPEAR indented, do not get .cm-tab. This results in a double-indentation on the first line.

The 2 images below describe what I mean by the first line getting .cm-tab but the second line, which was automatically indented upon pressing enter, NOT getting .cm-tab



This image shows the double-indentation of the first line


.cm-tab is not used in version 6. Are you sure you’re not talking about version 5?

Look up indentUnit (or in 5.x, indentWithTabs) to learn how the whitespace for automatic indentation is selected.

Thanks, I ended up fixing it with indentUnit and indentWithTabs. Also, thank you for telling me I was in version 5.