Brackets Use Of Code MIrror & Dreamwever

I don’t know if anyone can help me here on this forum. In Brackets when creating a theme there is something called mode-aware styes, language-aware might be more accurate description, you can do like this with addModeClass flag set:

//CSS Specific
.cm-m-css .cm-tag {
color: #6c9ef8;
//PHP Specific
.cm-m-clike .cm-tag {
color: #6c9ef8;

I’m trying to use ‘mode-aware’ styles in a Brackets theme (integrated into Dreamweaver CC 2017) But the above doesn’t work, do I need some additional selectors in there because of the enbedding or is it not possible?

Thanks …

You should delete the spaces between the class names. I.e. means an element with classes foo and bar, whereas .foo .bar means an element with class bar that has an ancestor with class foo.


yes it works in Brackets like the examples below, but for some reason the code-aware styles don’t work in Dreamweaver 2017 (Brackets is the embedded code editor in Dreamweaver now). {color: #FFBF00}{color: #FFDD77;}{color: #FFFF00;}